What Is Maxize Plus ?

Although there is usually a lot of rave surrounding male enhancement methods very few people get to hear of lotions or creams. Usually, pills or capsules are more popular, although creams are also gaining traction due to their effectiveness. While a majority of male enhancement supplements work to increase the firmness and improve the quality of your erection, a cream form one of the best way to get into direct contact with benefits. Today’s review point will focus on a cream product that works on the same concept to enhance men’s’ sexual experience with their partners.

Maxize Plus is an instant male enhancement topical cream that claims to help users in boosting the quality of their erection, helping them fight erectile dysfunction while also improving their sex experience. The manufacturer further claim the Maxize Plus cream is made up of ingredient that will help boost production of nitric oxide within the body, reduce chances of clothing and create sound walls for the blood vessels. Additionally, the lotion will have the users apply a portion of the product to their penis and massage for 5-10 minutes for the product to take effect.

How Maxize Plus Male Enhancement Cream Works

The enhancement cream works on an all-natural formula of the herbal blend and vasotran auctum to address two critical issues that affect the penis erection. That is blood flow and the size of the vessels.

For the blood flow, Maxize Plus  combines a blend of potent male enhancement ingredient which promotes the flow of blood to the penis helping it remain erectile. Additionally, the stiffness will help the user to have a more pleasurable time with their partner.

On the other hand, Maxize Plus will affect the size of the blood vessels through the capillary wall reinforcement within the penis. That also results in better and longer circulation of blood to the organ during arousal or orgasm.

Maxize Plus Pros And Cons

Maxize Plus promises the user will witness an immediate difference when it comes to applying their cream. Here are some of the good reasons to start using Maxize Plus :

  • Effective or immediate results- users report a firmer, longer and more extensive in size penis during intercourse, even after sporadic use of the lotion.
  • It helps promote the quality of the user’s erection for more extended and fuller sessions.
  • The cream also promises better orgasms from using it.
  • There is a money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers

On the side, there are also concerns that come with using the male enhancement cream. These risks include:

  • Possible cases of skin irritation
  • Users should not use condoms while with the cream
  • Maxize Plus leaves a peppermint smell to the user which is a bother to users

Is Maxize Plus Safe To Use?

The reputation with Maxize Plus ranks it among the best creams for male enhancement needs. However, positive reviews from a few customers are no full guarantee of the safety or effectiveness of Maxize Plus . Remember Maxize Plus is still facing legitimacy issues when it comes to the ingredients within their products. Although it does have a good name, the initial failure of not naming the components is a somewhat suspicious move for any reputable company. In conclusion, the product is overall an excellent supplement for your male enhancement needs, but it is also wise to get a doctor’s recommendation to avoid any severe reaction cases.

Maxize Plus Review

We haven’t written about too many male enhancement pills that are found on Amazon recently, mainly because there haven’t been to many released.  Like many other enhancers found on Amazon, it makes some pretty bold claims.  Permanent increase in size, enhanced sexual experiences and results, and more is plastered all over the sales page.  But does it really work?  While no pill (despite what they say) will give you permanent gains in size, there is a chance that it may help in other ways.

What Are Maxize Plus ?

Maximize enhancement pills are an all-natural supplement recently released on Amazon.  The supposed supplement boasts that it can help you gain as much as 3 inches in size, but it is unclear as to whether or not this gain is permanent.  They also say that it is the “best” rated formula for men, but do not give a list of the ingredients.  I have to ask, how do you say you have the best rated formula, and don’t even provide a list of ingredients? That’s like a car company saying they have the best stereo system in their car, but won’t tell you who the manufacturer is (or even let you look in the car).

Ingredients And How Maxize Plus Works


Luckily, on their website there is a full list of ingredients. The list of ingredients in Maxize Plus is long and distiguished, and includes such favorites as L-Arginine, Tribulus, Saw Palmetto, Tongkat Ali, Yohimbe Bark extract, Xanthoparmelia Scarbosa, and many others.  The presence of L-arginine and yohimbe in this product does give it some merit.  Combining these 2 ingredients has been shown to help effectively alleviate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.  But, as far as increasing size, it would only help with temporary gains, if any.

They claim that their product will help you achieve a stronger, longer, fuller feeling erections and improve your overall sex life.  They say that over time, Maxize Plus stretches the tissues located with the member, and allows for increases in length and girth.  They claim it is not situation specific, and that there are no known side effects with this product.   They do provide a before and after photo in their Amazon sales page, as well as their website, but it’s hard to tell whether or not it is doctored.

Maximize is designed to be take once a day, and on a continual basis.  It does appear that in order to achieve the best results, you need to take it for more than a couple of months.

Pro’s of Maxize Plus

  • Effectively combines all natural ingredients
  • Found conveniently on Amazon
  • Moderately Priced
  • Free Shipping
  • Apparently 10 million sold

Con’s of Maxize Plus

  • Not clinically tested
  • No doctor endorsements
  • Very limited customer reviews


There is way too little information about Maxize Plus supplement to give a clear and concise answer as to whether or not it truly works.  Companies that throw around vague terms like “gain 3 inches in size” definitely need to be looked at with a degree of skepticism.  It’s the classic fear tactic that these companies used to tell you that you can solve all of your problems with a pill.  The simple truth is that no pill, including maximize, will give you a permanent increase in size.